Monday, Training & Racing Update – Week 2


Rock Hopper Chocorua Race – canceled.

White Mountain TriRagged Mountain Stage RaceIM Mont TremblantGunstock Trailfest – still on!


Training is going well. I ran every day last week which was big (BIG) for me. It is good to get back into running shape. It’s so easy to lose it. I ran my favorite 10 mile loop from Winant into Swope in Concord with so many hills, rocks and root.

1,428 elevation change!

This is now week 2 of 28.

The big test this week is going longer. I’m excited to have today off and get in a 40 mile week!

Week 1 & 2 – 100 Mile Training Plan

I didn’t get to bike at all last week. The snow, rain and wind prevented that. Plus, my mountain bike was in the shop after the chain broke on my ride last week. I brought it in for a full tune up so it was gone most of the week. I’m excited to road and mountain bike this week; and the weather forecast looks good!

Happy Monday!

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