About Me

Thanks for reading my outdoor blog. A little bit about me: I grew up in Rye,  New Hampshire. In 2004 I became the westerner I always dreamed of when I drove west and landed in Steamboat Springs and later, Granby, Colorado.

Later I moved to Tucson, Arizona so I could bike outside year round in the desert.

I now live in Concord, New Hampshire. While I live and work in a city, I’m a mountain girl at heart. My hope is to get back to living in the mountains.

This blog is about living an outdoor life; training and racing for ultras and Ironman, hiking New Hampshire and New England’s 4,000 footers, reading and writing about my favorite authors, and living the best life possible. Thanks for visiting.

Kristen Lodge
Giving a talk during my book tour for Continental Quotient.