Another injury, ankle this time

I was on a roll, until I wasn’t 

I love the SNL skit with Roseanne Rosannadanna. Gilder Rader was hilarious and I always think of her rambling commentary and Jane Curtin bringing her back to reality. “It’s always something,” she would say.

For me, I think of this skit when I’m on a roll and then get side tracked; which in endurance training happens at least three times a year.

On Tuesday I twisted my ankle, bad. I was trail running in Winant Park and I noticed a runner on the trail that paralleled my trail. I didn’t want to startle him when the two trails merged so I was watching him. When he noticed me, I waved and – boom – I wasn’t looking at my feet and my ankle twisted so hard I almost screamed in pain.  I hobbled home (1.5 miles).

I twist an ankle at least once a week but never to the extent of Tuesday. I do all the flexibility exercises for ankles and feet, and typically don’t get injured. But Tuesday….. Ugh. 

I have two dogs to walk and so this week was a bit trying on my nerves as I hobbled around the block walking the dogs. Goldie is terrible on leash and when she sees a squirrel ….

My new start was a bust. This week I wasn’t able to capitalize on last week’s training. I walked this week but no biking or running. Today I hiked with Winnie and took Goldie on a walk to the park. Later today, I plan to do a 3 mile walk around Concord and maybe a short bike ride.  But that is it.

I’m guessing that running isn’t going to be a thing for another week. Meh. I think today I’m going to take advantage of Netflix and cable TV. And of course, the Andrew Cuomo hour coming up shortly. Man, that guy can talk.