Mount Tom

We hiked Mount Tom today, the day after Thanksgiving. There were a lot more people and dogs on the trail compared to yesterday on Tecumseh.

I wore snowshoes because reports said some overnight snow and I’m a bit of freak when it comes to hiking alone in the winter so I’m prepared.

I should’ve brought my spikes, but I left them in the car. (Note: always bring spikes.) The monorail is fine and living well on the Avalon and A-Z Trail to Mount Tom. Snowshoes were overkill ,however I feel like I contributed to the overall tidiness of the monorail so I’m okay with it!

Mount Tom

The A-Z Trail is steep in sections and I was running out of steam until I met a wonderful couple about 500 yards from the saddle who told me “that’s the worst of it, you’re almost to the saddle and it’s a nice hike to Tom”.

OMG – I love these people. They made me so happy when I was dying from too much uphill and wearing clucky snowshoes when spikes would have sufficed.

The summit was socked in with fog but I don’t care. I made the summit and it was freaking beautiful! So many nice people along the way who loved on my dog even though she barked at them (why is she barking when she typically doesn’t care about other people or dogs?). Every. Single. Hiker. Was. Awesome. And the dogs we met were so freaking cute and happy! It was a great day.

I’m happy to be home after being in mid-winter conditions in Crawford Notch.

4,000 footer Number 2 done – 48-4,000-footers-in-my-49th-year. This goal is getting me out there everyday I can, and pushing my limits and making me do the things I say I’m going to do.

Make. The. Best.Life.

This week’s book: United by Cory Booker

I decided this week’s book for my one book a week goal is: United.

Since seeing Cory Booker last week in Manchester I really want him to win the primary in New Hampshire. While I support his position on health care, reproductive rights, gun violence and more, I don’t really know a lot about him.

So I’m reading his book and will review it Sunday night, here on my blog.

Note, I think I will be choosing more outdoor related books to read this year. But first: United.

My 49th Year

The photo above was taken on the morning of November 14 on one of my typical hikes in Concord: Marjory Swope Park.

While I usually have yearly goals and give updates on them as part of my posts, I’m going to change it up. I’m starting a new timeline for my 49th year. I’m going to set goals for 11/14/2019 to 11/13/202. I have 365 days before my 50th birthday and I’m going to make my 49th year the best ever – live my best life – as so many people like to say. For me, I need to set goals and have a plan or I will sit on my soft and binge watch Netflix shows all day. 

What is new this year from my typical athletic-related goals is reading a book every week. As of right now I have eight books on my table, all in various stages of being read or not read (but wanting to read). 

Last month my friend Jeff invited me to a book club he has been going to. The book they were reading was A Gentleman in Moscow. I haven’t been part of a book club in years so I looked up the book and it sounded pretty good. I started reading it and loved every sentence. However, on November 14, the day of the meeting, I only finished half of it. I wanted to talk about it with other people who read it, though, because, seriously, it was so good. I don’t mind spoilers because I like knowing what’s going to happen (same with Game of Thrones, I watched the final episode before finishing season 5). The book club met at To Share brewery in Manchester. The brewery is in an old garage, well lit and the beer was fantastic. I’ve been into New England IPAs lately. 

I met some awesome men and women who love to read and were so animated about the book: everyone loved it. 

I can’t wait for the next meeting. We are reading The Girl With the Pearl Earring

My other goal is to hike all 48 4,000 footers in my 49th year. I just finished them this year after starting them in 1988 and I want to hike them all in one year. I think it’s possible.

Then, of course, to actually finish a 100 mile race. I’m signed up for Umstead. Training right now is not going well. It’s taking a while to get used to running outside when it’s 30 degrees.

My 49th year will be about reaching goals and having the best life ever.

Fall 2019 Racing and Training Plan

I have finally decided on my Fall Training and Racing Plan:

  1. Completing as many of the New England 4,000 footers as I can and in the meantime filling out my NH 4000 Footer Grid.
  2. Kismet Cliff Run – September 22
  3. Waterville Valley Mountain Race – September 29
  4. Run the Witch – October 27
  5. Mountain Bike Bear Brook and Franklin Falls

I have a few other races that I’m contemplating but really I just want to hike and mountain run. I’ve been in a bit of a training rut since I don’t have a big goal. I seem to do better with big training plans when I have big goals to meet. 

However, the weather in New Hampshire is finally fantastic; cool mornings – so I have to take advantage and get out of this rut. 

Just writing this and reading it over and over will get me there. 

I’m reading a lot of books about running and ultra running. I’m following a man on Instagram who is doing the Grand Slam of Ultra Running – finishing all four 100s: Leadville, Western States, Wasatch and Vermont 100. I want to do that one day but I have to finish a 100 first. I know that’s what I want to do; I’m sure of it. I know I want to do Lead Woman. I am just having difficulty getting started. But reading and planning and training help. I know I want it. I just have to do the steps.

Trained or UnTrained

“there’s no such thing as tough, there is trained and untrained, which one are you?

I was untrained. I wasn’t ready for 100 at 10,000 feet. I will be.

I’m coming back.