Capital Well Sunapee Triathlon Race Report 2020

I finally get to write a race report. Yeah!

The Sunapee Triathlon was a great day. I loved seeing all the tribikes on bike racks as I drove north to Newbury. It felt like race season was back on!

I arrived at Sunapee State Park way too early. I was worried about missing a shuttle but it ended up being walkable from the parking area to the transition. I didn’t have to use a shuttle at all since I was so early. I walked around the beach and decided to stretch and get ready early in transition. And I’m glad I did because as I was sitting next to my bike a high school friend, Kristin said hi. I couldn’t believe it. It seriously has been 30 years since we saw each other. Even with a mask I recognized her immediately. I loved hearing about what she has been doing since high school. She has done a bunch of ½ Ironman distance triathlons and was as excited as me to race. 

Our conversation was cut short as the time to leave transition arrived. I walked down to the beach and put on my wetsuit and waited for the swim lineup. 

There was time for a practice swim and that water was cold. It felt better after sitting in it and then time to go.

Athletes entered the water every five seconds.

The first 500 yards I felt so slow. I sighted okay and seemed to warm up after about 15 minutes. After the first turn buoy the water was choppy and I was extra cautious about breathing in with my mouth wide open – I’ve done that before and inhaled water – bad!

Finally I could see the exit and still felt slow. I need to work on my open water swimming technique for next year.

On to the bike! 

I feel like I pushed it the entire time. The uphills were tough and the downhill were scary fast. It was the first race for my Cervelo and it didn’t let me down.

It was cold, in the 40s for sure, but I wore my NorthFace windbreaker that has saved me on hikes in the 4,000 footers and one cold trail race at Jay Peak. 

I initially thought I’d have to wear tights over my tri shorts for the bike, but I opted out, and no extra hat under my helmet; and these were good choices because I felt pretty good. With the temperature in the 40s on the bike, the one casualty ended up being my feet. Once I was off the bike I realized that my feet were frozen. When I put my shoes on in transition I knew something didn’t feel quite right. 

I started running and it felt like there were rocks in my shoes. 

I knew that feeling too well from other triathlons so it just took time for my feet to warm up and then they were fine.

I felt good on the run. I had a good stride then I looked at my watch and I was running 10 minute miles -booo! 

But then at times I looked down and I was running 8:45 minute miles. It was a mix of hills and feeling good. I just looked my times on Strava and the last mile was 8:35 – hells ya! 

I miss racing so much despite hating the day before a race when I am nervous and race morning that seems to last longer than the race itself. Looking ahead I think 2021 is going to make up for the bust 2020 was for racing.

I haven’t raced an Olympic Distance Triathlon in years and this distance is so fun!
1.5km swim, 36km bike, 5.1 mile run. Just under three hours. Yes! 


While I love going long, short is a great challenge to push it the entire time. Well, I didn’t push it on the swim but it was a good lesson that I really need work on swim speed. When you go long, swim training is more about being efficient since it’s a long day. On shorter distances you really need speed on all three. 

Now it’s time to focus on finishing 21 peaks in 7 weeks. I’ve mapped it all out and made plans for every weekend. The Finish the 4,000 footers in my 49th year plan will be the next post. 

Thanks Millennium Racing for a great race. I will see you next year!

1,000 Miles in 2020

Last year in November I hit 2,000 miles from running and hiking. At the beginning of this year my goal was to run/hike 4,000 miles.

On Monday I hit 1,000 miles. While I’m glad I got at least 1,000 in I am so far from my goal. But alas, I’m on a roll and I’m going to try for another 500 miles by the end of the year.

On Saturday registration opens for Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June. Mark is already in the race as a rollover from a canceled race. Just knowing that I am signing up and will be racing next June motivates me to run. I tried to swim yesterday but all the lap swimming spots at the Y were completely filled. I feel like training and racing are back on now. I’m not quite sure how I feel about flying right now but June is a long ways away.


I’m still registered for Ironman Mont Tremblant in August so two Ironmans in a year, baby! Now that is motivation to swim, bike and run.

2021 is going to be epic.

5 Things I Miss About Canceled Races in 2020

How many reboots is 2020 going to have? 

Good lord. I can’t get on a training roll to save my life. Tomorrow I start reboot #3 in 2020. 

Is anyone else having trouble?

I just have to turn to Stava to see my friend Mark is still biking 100 miles each weekend; and running consistently (damn, you). 

My Leadville friends are running 20 and 30 miles on the weekend. 

Anyone having problems like me? Come on. Help me out here. 

I do need races to keep me on track. I can’t train without a race in the future. I don’t like 2020 and no races. 

When I look back to one year ago – one year – I ran over 2,000 miles at this point in the year. I raced all over the country. I did epic shit. 2019 was such a great training and racing year – I want it back. I just want races back.

5 Things I Miss About 2019 and Racing

1 – I miss racing the races I was prepared for and finishing strong.

2 – I miss racing the races I was not prepared for and dying at the end. 

3- I miss traveling to races and Starbucks at the airport and running through airports for connections and exploring new race towns I’ve never been to.

4 – I miss that pit in my stomach that I have at the start of every race, and not knowing what is going to happen out there. 

5 – I miss being super fit – I miss this most of all. 

Okay pity party over.

It’s never too late

I feel like I could read it every day. The quote is so hopeful: you can change on a dime. You can start over. 

I love the idea that it’s never too late to have a fantastic life. 

It’s similar to the George Eliot quote:

I can still qualify for Kona.
I can still finish a 100 mile trail race. 
I can still run 52 marathons in a year.
I can still run a Presidential Traverse in a day.
I can still run a Pemi Loop in a day.
I can still be a famous writer.
I can still make up silly goals and try to accomplish them.

I feel lucky.  I haven’t always been lucky, but lately I’m feeling lucky. Despite not finishing these goals or having much of a plan to accomplish them, I feel like they will be in the 5-year plan.

In order to keep this positive momentum going this morning, I’m going to 1) run 20 miles today 2) run 12 miles tomorrow – all of which will mimic a typical training weekend. This will make me feel like everything is back to normal despite the world not being normal.

Another reason I feel lucky – this is where I get to work everyday.

A new beginning, Gunstock

I started a new job at Gunstock Mountain Resort this week. It’s so exciting working for a mountain resort because 1) the people are fun and energetic 2) I am marketing fun summer activities such as e-bike tours, Segway Trail tours and camping and 3) I get to partake is said fun activities and most importantly 4) winter is coming.

As I drive the access road to the base lodge I pinch myself that this is my new life. 

While Gunstock is located in the Lakes Region, working at a ski resort is the realization of a desire to get back to the mountains since moving back to New Hampshire in 2017. I’m a mountain girl. I love living rurally and thrive in mountain towns. And while I always look forward to winter, and hiking in the White Mountains, this year I’ll be back in ski gear, watching the weather and praying for snow! 

Here’s the view from my office and a video from the base area.

But the best way to view what’s going on at the mountain is viewing the web cams

Screen grab of the webcams

I’m looking forward to getting to know the trails around Gunstock and Belknap mountains. 

Life is good. The dogs think so too.