Tuesday. I’m five days from race day. A race day that is brand new to me. 50 miles. It’s like the first Ironman or first triathlon or first anything. I’m emotional and making bad decisions; par for the course.

But you know what is never bad or wrong – being thankful. Thankful for the people in your life that stay in your life. The people that aren’t scared away from my crazy, neurotic ways.

I’m thankful for my friends and family who stick with me and support me. I love you all. Five days to the newest adventure that I hope will give me a 50 mile finisher pint glass at the end.

Am I saving the world or making the world a better place? No. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. But I want to. I’m working on it.

Here’s to the adventures of the last few years; may they continue for the next 20:

My BFF, my friend who will meet me anywhere to swim, bike, run or trail run at 10,000 feet.
Mary and Kathy – who showed up at Arizona to cheer me on at Ironman; and at the finish line.
Hiking Tumamoc in 100 degree heat in Tucson, sealed the deal – friends for life. Kassandra is the best person I know. A great mom, wife and friend. My BFF.
Jeff, my friend for 20 years. My longest friendship. You’re the best!
My mom. Who always says I can do anything I want to do as long as I smile.

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