Is Rock Climbing good cross training for runners

On Friday night I decided to find out if rock climbing is good cross training for ultra running. I have been lifting weights and doing pull ups for three months so I thought I would be strong. It was hard but fun!

I went to Vertical Dreams in Manchester for my first ever indoor rock climbing. It was so fun! I learned how to tie a rope and belay. Then started climbing with Tom.

Two days later, my forearms are a bit sore. Three months of weight training and pull ups helped, a little.

I think indoor rock climbing could make me stronger, and I could incorporate it into a regular plan, maybe. LOL

This week was a recovery week and after my dark day on Saturday, yes that is a thing, I’m full steam ahead to Ironman, 100 Miles and Ragged Mountain Stage Race.

I swam today. After running 10 indoor miles I swam. I’m so ready for Ironman Training.

What’s my Goal? Improve, Finish. Revel.
All of these things.

Life is hard, fun, brutal, sad, laughable, challenging. I want things to be easy and they never are. I’m up for the challenge. I want it all. I am Wonder Woman.