Is Axe Throwing Good Cross Training

I heard about axe throwing when an endurance athlete I follow on Instagram was doing it with her party guest after a race weekend. I thought… weird. But when Tom said, Hey, we should throw axes, I said, sure. Last week was an urban rock climbing adventure, this week urban axe throwing at RELAX. The real questions : Will all this help me train for 100? 


I searched on Google and found some good articles.

It is good cardio.

You’re going to use your lats (maybe better for biking).

It will work your core.

While I woke up a little sore, I don’t think it’s going to help me finish a 100 mile race but it was fun and l laughed a lot. So – Win!

I’ve discovered over the last  few weeks that I’m a wee bit addicted to weight training. A few days I choose getting my weights in instead of running. This is not great; but that is what happened. These are my favorites.

I still can’t do an unassisted pull up, but I’m getting there.
Step ups with weights – sweaty, take your breath away workout.
And my all time favorite – dead lift with a hex bar. Boy do I feel strong after 3 reps with this babe.

I keep adding a little more weight every other week. By the end of my hour I’m sweating bullets and feel pumped up. Fun!