Biking Makes Me Happy

Today is Saturday. It is raining with intermittent snow. Who doesn’t love a cold, snowy morning in May? I still hope to run and bike at some point today despite my run/bike streak ending at 8 days.

Yesterday, Friday afternoon, I rode to the quarry trails and found the quarry. The trails are fun and challenging. I was a little nervous once I found the quarry because so many movies have scenes where they find the dead bodies at the quarry or the killers are planning attacks while at a quarry. I felt at any moment someone would appear from the rocks and kill me; and no one would find me ever again. And, I was also worried I would get lost and never find my way home. 

When I left my house I wasn’t planning on finding the quarry I just planned to ride the trails and get comfortable with them so I didn’t bring water or food – famous last words from someone who goes missing on a trail. 

Plus, my ankle is not 100% yet so I didn’t want to be on rocky trails that may put pressure on it and re-injure it – so I planned on playing it safe but as I got deeper into the woods the trail kept leading me on. Despite being nervous about everything I kept riding.

The main trail heading into the woods.

After a few loops around the quarry and getting familiar with where I was I headed home, except that I missed a turn to bring me back to where I entered. I was heading downhill toward the cemetery on a rock-filled trail but I wasn’t sure it was the right trail. I almost turned around a few times but I figured it had to bring me back to civilization at some point. 

The area was a bit creepy and I thought that if I crashed, again, I wouldn’t be found for days despite being less than a mile from the cemetery according to my phone. I finally saw a building, then came to a gate and parking lot. I realized it was a business that has signs in the front that there is no recreational activity allowed on the property but I had to get home so I rode through.

As I rode home I was so happy. Mountain biking makes me happy, happy, happy. Despite the fear and worry just a few minutes ago as I cruise downhill back to my house I am glad I got out for 7 miles. The trails were awesome but next time: food, water and maybe a riding partner. 

The White Mountain trails are slowly opening now so I need to get up there and check off some 4,000 footers. It looks like they are taking a “phased opening approach”. I can wait a few more weeks to head north.  I can’t wait for Goldie to bag her first 4,000 footer! 

Dog love.