Saturday – 20 Mile Long Run

The top of the hill at Carter Hill Orchard

The first 5 miles were not great. Last week the first 8 miles were good; normal. Today started out with sore, tired legs and there was a lot of walking at the start.

The down hill from the Carter Hill was tough on my quads, too. I’m not sure if I was still injured from falling yesterday on my hike or if my legs were just fatigued.

Strava data

The route was pretty much a tour of Penacook and Concord.

Contoocook River

When I circled back to Concord I knew I was going to have to do four more miles but I didn’t have the will to go back out of town so I ran around Concord.

Coming back into town the wind was at my back. I ran past the State House and home to complete 20 miles! I’m beat.

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