Unfinished Business: Florida, Arizona, Colorado

Sometimes I don’t finish things and it weighs on me. But now I have a plan. 

Ironman Florida

In 2017 I DNF’d. I was feeling dizzy throughout the run and didn’t want to fall down in the dark on the second loop. I should’ve just walked it but my brain said stop. I need to talk myself out of stopping. Now, I’ll be racing/finishing Ironman Florida on Nov 6. No Matter What. I have 6 more training weeks to get strong on the swim, get the miles in on the bike and be ready to run a marathon. 

Colossal Vail, Arizona

In 2014 I dropped out of the Colossal Vail 55K. It was my second 50K and I felt like I was ready. I had some injuries leading up and I kept stubbing my big toe in training runs prior and during the race. I wish I had just kept walking and didn’t stop. Now, I’m waiting for the race director to approve the race and register me. They didn’t want to take payment this year and have to refund it if the race didn’t happen. Hopefully I will know and be able to book my flight to Tucson. I can’t wait to be in Tucson in December and see my friend Kassandra and her family. I miss the desert (when it’s cold in New Hampshire only). December in the desert is awesome. 

Leadville, Colorado

Leadville – how I want to finish this race and get my buckle. After DNF’ing in 2019 and thinking about it for two years, this week I hired a coach. I will be back on the course next August. I’m ready to work my butt off to make it to the finish line in 30 hours. I have 11 months to prepare. I’m ready for hills, speed work, weights, yoga and whatever else my coach plans for me. No excuses. All reward.