Training Update November Edition

Everything is Good. Hard. Fun. Difficult. Complicated. 

I could probably write that sentence about how I’m feeling every day and it would still be true.

Also true: I’ve done every training session assigned to me for the last two weeks.

I’m tired.

Today is a 22 mile trail run and I have a fun run planned. I’m going to go find new trails (to me) over in Oak Hill on the east side of Concord. Concord (NH) has so many great, well-maintained trails.

Oak Hill Trail System Concord NH

Today is going to be Good. Hard. Fun. Difficult. Complicated.

The goal today is just to finish the miles and get my body ready for the 55K in three weeks.

I will be in the desert in 3 weeks. I get a chance at redemption at Colossal Vail 55K.

Here’s me in 2014 before the 55K. This was the first year of the race and I didn’t finish. Dec 11 my plan is to finish.

I get to see Kassandra in 3 weeks.

Tumamoc Hill 2014. We will hike this next month.