Training Update January 2020

Train, walk dogs, work, eat, sleep, repeat. This is my life.

Ultra running training is getting real. And I’m getting really tired. 

My stats for January:

This year, or at least these winter months, my big training days are Monday and Tuesday since these are my days off now. 

The last two weeks my long runs have been around 15 miles and they are tough. I remember two years ago at this time I was doing an occasional 30 mile run. I can’t imagine getting back there but I’m working towards it. 

I really like having a training plan on Training Peaks and it synchs to my watch. When I start my run it knows what to do. Last week, the plan called for a Fartlek Workout. So 12-15 times I ran 1 minute at a slightly harder pace. My watch would beep every minute with “Fun Faster” and then the next minute “rest”. It was fun. 

Other Training Peaks workouts are a count down by miles or time. It makes each run interesting which is what I need to keep going. 

Last Week’s Summary:

From Training Peaks

Next up: add biking and more swimming. This should be interesting.