Training Update, 4 weeks to IMCDA

While this past week was only 6.5 training hours (let’s just call it an unplanned recovery week) I’m ready to gear up for a big training week. The goal: 20 hours. I’m not following the training plan exactly since my work schedule changed but I’m cranky and irritable and fatigued so I know I’m doing something right. 

Saturday is the 15 mile Chocorua race and then Sunday will be a big bike mile day – hoping for 80+.

Somehow I need to fit mountain biking in too. I didn’t mountain bike at all last week. 

Despite the cold temps the last few days, summer is right around the corning. Here is the updated race calendar for the summer.

This is how yesterday felt when I went swimming at my new gym. The entire pool to myself for 3,336 yards.