This is my life

Today was one of the days when I stepped back and said: wow, this is my life. 

And yesterday and the day before – wow, this is my life.

Is it perfect, the way I thought my life would always be? Hell no. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be where I am today.

As I’m driving south from Gilford at 9 p.m. in thick fog, I’m anxious about getting home and letting my dogs out. 

I seem to feel more anxious and scared about so many things: life, work, dogs, hiking, training, reaching goals. 

But then the same things make me so happy: life, work, dogs, hiking, training, reaching goals.


All I’m saying is life is funny. It gives you everything you want, takes away everything you want and all that is left is you, on your sofa, writing your blog post, eating salad, drinking wine and glad your dogs are right next to you.