Mount Carrigain and Ironman Training

This morning is a big morning.

Run and hike with dogs.

Swim at 8:30.

It’s amazing how motivating signing up for an Ironman can be. It’s been a while since I took the dogs for the loop hike/run at Winant but since they must get back into hiking shape to help me finish the 48 4,000 peaks by Nov. 13, they need to hike/run with me as much as possible.

On Sunday Winnie and Goldie hiked Mount Carrigain.

May 1989 was the last time I hiked this mountain. I remember it was a solo backpacking trip and I did the big loop including Desolation Trail. Wow that was a long time ago. However, I remember seeing a group of men camping with a fire going. The trail was really wet and my feet were soaked. I saw their hanging socks over the fire. They invited me to join and I declined. 

Peter pointed out that the mountain name Carrigain is spelled differently on this sign than everywhere on the internet.

This time Carrigain was a day hike with two of Peter’s friends: Pete and Eric. The first two miles are so nice – just a walk in the woods. Then the climb began to the ridge. Once we got to Signal Ridge there were amazing views. Then at the summit, spectacular 360 degree views. It was a perfect day to be in the White Mountains and the dogs did great. On the way down Winnie had two incidents with dogs but both turned out okay (Winnie was not at fault this time.)

Winnie cooling off after summiting.

It was Goldie’s first 4,000 and she was pretty tired on the ride home, sleeping sitting up. 

Now it’s time to plan next weekend’s hike – most likely the Kinsmans. 

But today I hike, run and swim before work.