Mid Week Training Update, Shoe Review, Breakfast, Finisher Glass

Thursday, May 2. It’s been a good few days, training-wise. I’m eating well, completing my miles, doing weights and core.

Saucony Koa ST Trail-Running Shoes

I like the Saucony Koa. I ordered them a few weeks ago because I wanted a trail shoe that wasn’t zero-drop. I love my Lone Peaks but I also need to mix it up a bit. For the first time I read a bunch of reviews before buying online at REI. These had pretty decent reviews for the terrain I’m running on. I will need to run in them a few more times for a full report and grade – but I like them so far. I like how grippy they are. I’m not crazy about the lacing system. About seven years ago I had Salomon trail running shoes with this lacing system and I could never get them tight enough so I’ve never gone back to that brand.

The Pineland finisher glass.

I want this glass. At the end of the day on May 26 I hope it is in my possession. This is race #3 of the five-race series for 2019 to be my dream year.


I’ve never been much of a bacon fan. I bought it for the first time in a decade this week. I’ve added two slices every morning and it really fills be up and I’m not starving by 11 a.m.

So this is my update heading into the weekend, and doing the mileage I was supposed to do last weekend. The only problem mileage-wise is Saturday because I’m going up to New Gloucester to preview/run the Pineland course. I’m also getting a massage from my favorite masseuse who fixes all my muscle and tendon issues.

Today’s Run. Not super fast but on the hilly, rocky, wet trails.

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