Mid-Week Training Recap

I’m injury-free and over my cold so I’m revving up the training this week. I took Wednesday off and now the next four days it’s going to be tough, tough training: running, hiking, biking and throwing in a little swimming. It’s hot and humid here in central New Hampshire so there may be a bit of complaining at the next training update. 


But life is good during Week 8 – let the training countdown to Leadville begin.

I’ve been seeing the updates on social of the Leadville 100 Run Training Camp and I’m so jealous that I’m not there. Bob is there and I’ve been messaging him for updates. 

He said the 100 mile course still has snow especially at Hope Pass so it’s possible to have a course change in AUGUST. 

From the Leadville Race Series Instagram Story

The camp looks so fun; maybe next year.

The photo at the top is from the running camp; from their Facebook page.

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