Kearsarge Redux, Goldie Love

Today was a Kearsarge redux

I needed to hike something familiar, by myself and get my heart pumping. I headed back to Kearsarge with the hope of two loops. No dogs.

A solo hike was just what I needed to get some perspective, stop thinking about the news and just get to the top of a mountain. 

So icy!

I knew the trail was going to be icy, and it was but it was never ending ice today. At the top I decided to head down the Rollins Trail to see where it went, since I’ve never done it. I passed the Lincoln Trail, which I knew I would do next time, and part of the SRKG. [I’ll be running the 3-day Stage Race in August.] On my way back to the top I took this video.

Very windy at the top but magnificent views.

I headed down the Winslow Trail thinking that it would be less icy and I could run; nope. It was more icy than last Sunday. Less snow pack, more ice. So many people not even wearing spikes. I headed home after one loop and will live another day.

Week One with Goldie is just about over. She is becoming herself. She is a crazy puppy with a sweet personality. I just love her. Winnie just ignores her, for now.

Monday it’s back to work. I’m not sure if it will be a work from home day but it’s an option.

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