July 4th and Plan for the Week

While Saturday and Sunday during the July 4th holiday weekend was a no-training weekend, Friday morning I finally got a ride in along the coast of New Hampshire. I rode from my parent’s house up and down the coast in Rye and North Hampton. It was very windy in some spots but the views were worth it.

North Hampton Route 1A, bike ride heading north.

It’s a bit treacherous biking on Route 1A. I did almost get clocked by a car that weaved into the the bike lane. When I looked up I noticed he was looking at himself in the mirror. Tourists and locals alike, on recreation bikes and walking, were oblivious to cyclists. Next time I’ll do that mid week and much earlier in the day.

Saturday and Sunday was more of a swim-and-walk-the-dogs kind of mellow weekend which means I’m really off my training plan. It’s summer and while a training plan is good it just seems right to take each opportunity for fun despite what the plan.

Life is so good right now so no regrets. Ever.

Watched One Week, again, the ultimate Canadian road trip.

This week: 

Run: 40 Miles
Bike: 75 Miles (road and mountain)
Swim: 6,000 yards
Hike: Ragged, Sunapee (during the week), 1 4,000 footer during the weekend

There is the plan. Now it’s time to execute.