It’s never too late

I feel like I could read it every day. The quote is so hopeful: you can change on a dime. You can start over. 

I love the idea that it’s never too late to have a fantastic life. 

It’s similar to the George Eliot quote:

I can still qualify for Kona.
I can still finish a 100 mile trail race. 
I can still run 52 marathons in a year.
I can still run a Presidential Traverse in a day.
I can still run a Pemi Loop in a day.
I can still be a famous writer.
I can still make up silly goals and try to accomplish them.

I feel lucky.  I haven’t always been lucky, but lately I’m feeling lucky. Despite not finishing these goals or having much of a plan to accomplish them, I feel like they will be in the 5-year plan.

In order to keep this positive momentum going this morning, I’m going to 1) run 20 miles today 2) run 12 miles tomorrow – all of which will mimic a typical training weekend. This will make me feel like everything is back to normal despite the world not being normal.

Another reason I feel lucky – this is where I get to work everyday.