I May Be Training for Something

It sounds like the Ragged Mountain Stage Race is still on. There are less that 50 people registered so it just might happen; from what the race director stated in an email last week. 

This week the plan is to spend a lot of time on the trails and get in some vertical training. I want to drive up to run/hike Ragged after work this week. I may also do a few loops at Kearsarge. 

This past week was pretty good training-wise. While I didn’t get my running miles in I swam and biked a lot. I’m starting to feel more and more like a triathlete again. 

Saturday was an early morning hike and then meeting Adam for lunch. We watched the BLM protest come into the downtown area and into the New Hampshire State House. We listened to the speakers and then we headed to the river for a swim. So, I kind of biked and swam. 

Riding on the Londonderry Trail Trail

Sunday was a long ride through Manchester and Londonderry with Jeff. He wanted to show me the new paved trail in Londonderry: The Londonderry Rail Trail. It was awesome to say the least. We rode by Lake Massabesic and through neighborhoods in Manchester. It was a solid 30 miles on a new course. We will do that again!

Courtesy of https://londonderrytrails.org/about-the-rail-trail/

Today is work, training and finishing the 13th documentary on Netflix. I will learn, understand and do everything I can to support BLM – to help make the world a better place for all humans.

From 13th: “We have in this country people pleading guilty to crimes they didn’t commit just because the thought of going to jail for what the mandatory minimums are is so excruciating.” – Cory Booker