Houston Marathon 2020

My first race of 2020 is the Houston Marathon. This will be my second time running it with Mark. The first time was 2017 and I was living in Colorado. My training was going poorly due to snow and cold, living at 7,000 feet. I got to the starting line not very fit but we ran together and had a great time. The course is flat and runs through so many neighborhoods; my favorite was Rice University. I’m looking forward to seeing Mark and his friends who are also running. I’ve been watching their mileage on Strava, they will all do well!

When I signed up for Houston I was coming off a great summer running season. I was fit and getting faster. Then, I got injured – struggling to run with adductor and muscle soreness – hobbling for hours after after even a short run.

Now I think I have figured out the problem and have started running again with less soreness, but still it’s not super fun to run. I’m doing all kind of exercises, foam rolling, massage and more weight training.

I’m slowly adding miles running and hiking a lot, so in 44 days I’ll be ready. It’s been more fun hiking lately but I love running and can’t wait to travel to Texas and get out of the snow. It’s always fun to meet Mark and have a racecation.

Houston Marathon 2017
The first Houston Marathon – 2017

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