Houston Marathon 2020 Race Report

I got to escape the arctic tundra for four days this past weekend while racing (and I use that word loosely) the Houston Marathon.

Over the long weekend I talked to so many amazing endurance athletes. I was inspired and in awe of these people:

Shelly who finished her first 100 (Brazos) under her time goal.

Mark who ran his 25th Houston Marathon

Brian who ran his 21st Houston Marathon. 

Paul who ran his first marathon at 60. 

Brandon who is running marathons in every state.

The guy at the finish line who told me about his 100s and what was next.

The woman who said she usually does ultras but just loves the Houston Marathon. 

The marathon was so fun because Mark, Brian and I ran the first 20 miles together. We talked and laughed as the miles just flew by. The start was cold, colder than I dressed for but I rather be cold that hot. The course was as flat as a pancake and it was great to just run without any hills. We walked very little. 

Race morning

We saw our support team with the pink hair (Thanks Amy) and Shelly was there although I didn’t get to see her. 

We talked to a few people while running. I love being asked where I’m from. New Hampshire. HA. Some people look at me funny, I’m guessing they don’t really know where it is. (LOL)

Around mile 22 Brian started cramping and Mark walked/ran with him; I kept running. It hurt too much to walk and I felt pretty good so I kept running. I had it in my mind to finish at 4:30 but ended up at 4:43. 

Considering that most of November and December I couldn’t run three miles without hurting, I think it was an okay day. I still have some adductor pain but it’s so much less. 

There 74 days until my 100 mile race and I know exactly what I have to do to be successful. Today, Tuesday as I think back on the last few days I feel so lucky for the people in my life. The ones who inspire and listen to my rants; the ones who offer advice (that I may take, ha) and the ones who love me despite my craziness. 2020 is going to be a great year. First race of the year – done!

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