Run 1,000 Miles – Goal Update

My mileage as of 10/31/18 is 760. Just 240 miles to run/hike until I meet my 2018 goal. Additional goals I’m hoping to reach by 12/31/18:

  1. Finish the 4,000 footers
  2. Run a 50K

I have just two 4,000 footers left and I hope to hike them before the new year. I’ve been reading the trail conditions report every day and there are several hikes reported to North Hancock so that one I think will be finished this year but Owl’s Head is just such a long day. I’m not ready for a winter camping in the Pemi Wilderness quite yet, but maybe. Maybe. There is still time to get the gear and practice using it.

I have some visitors this month so I’m not able to get out there to try Owl’s Head again. But it will happen.

My visitors are coming north from Texas and Arizona. I’m glad it’s not too cold, yet. This weekend Mark and I will head to Conway and check out some waterfalls and Mount Washington. Next weekend Kassandra and I will find an adventure somewhere north in the White Mountains. Happy, Happy November. 

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