Fall 2019 Racing and Training Plan

I have finally decided on my Fall Training and Racing Plan:

  1. Completing as many of the New England 4,000 footers as I can and in the meantime filling out my NH 4000 Footer Grid.
  2. Kismet Cliff Run – September 22
  3. Waterville Valley Mountain Race – September 29
  4. Run the Witch – October 27
  5. Mountain Bike Bear Brook and Franklin Falls

I have a few other races that I’m contemplating but really I just want to hike and mountain run. I’ve been in a bit of a training rut since I don’t have a big goal. I seem to do better with big training plans when I have big goals to meet. 

However, the weather in New Hampshire is finally fantastic; cool mornings – so I have to take advantage and get out of this rut. 

Just writing this and reading it over and over will get me there. 

I’m reading a lot of books about running and ultra running. I’m following a man on Instagram who is doing the Grand Slam of Ultra Running – finishing all four 100s: Leadville, Western States, Wasatch and Vermont 100. I want to do that one day but I have to finish a 100 first. I know that’s what I want to do; I’m sure of it. I know I want to do Lead Woman. I am just having difficulty getting started. But reading and planning and training help. I know I want it. I just have to do the steps.

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