Running Five Days in a Row

As a test, I decided this week that I would run five days in a row. My friend Mark out in Houston is also testing himself, also running five days in a row. However, he is running 10 miles each day; I didn’t have a set number each day.

Saturday, today, I woke up a little sore but not much. Mark is glad the test is over.

The idea is to set my mind on little goals I could tackle each day to prove I could do it. Next week I will try to run five miles every day for five days.

To stay motivated I incorporate a strategy called Baby Steps, stolen from the acclaimed movie, What About Bob:

Such a great movie and a great principle;  remember to look at what is right in front of you instead of tomorrow or a week from now. It really helps to settle the mind. Just run the five miles each day. 

With that thought I’m off to walk the dogs on this beautiful Saturday morning in Concord. The sun is trying to break through the clouds; this day is a gift.