Biking in New Hampshire Humidity

Wow! Humid.

I rode this morning since it was better to ride in humidity than run.

Ironman training has started and two workouts most days.

Feeling good so far. I need some major stretching and a massage needs to be scheduled.

91 Days until Ironman Florida.

Ironman Florida

I’m signed up! In my 9th year training and racing Ironman I was able to sign up for a race four months before race day. Amazing.

Back in the day, you had to sit online one year before race day and hope you got it; or volunteer the year before.

Ironman Florida was one of the races that sold out minutes before registration years ago; but I got in four months before.

As I start to plan my training this morning – Oops – I counted wrong. On Monday, it will be 13 weeks before race day. I better get training.

This is my first year training east of the Mississippi River. I’m excited to train in the big city of Concord where I can walk to the pool, run and bike out my door. I thought Tucson was a training mecca. I think I’m pretty lucky to live where I do and be able to train for #7 Ironman.

Off to run in 98% humidity. At least the sun isn’t out.