Best ideas while hiking

Today was a good day.

I took my Winnie-dog on a hike to Marjorie Swope. My new, adopted pup Goldie has only been with me a week so she isn’t quite ready for a trip in the car to hike; a few more weeks. When Winnie left the house and saw the car running with the hatch open, she acted like a puppy dancing and thrashing about – so excited to go on a hike. 

 I drove to Marjorie Swope. Winnie and I hiked for 3 glorious miles and we didn’t see a soul.

While hiking I had a good work idea; get the team together on a group hangout and talk about our days. It turned out to be really fun listening to my co-workers who have turned into teachers. It was good to hear everyone is doing well.

It’s been one full week we have been working from home. Our team is doing the best they can in the current situation.

Now as evening approaches I am writing using my story ideas from the morning hike. I caught my two dogs finally bonding with Goldie resting her head on Winnie. [Blog post image above. Heart melting.]

We made it through the week. Thank goodness for time outside. Happy to spend the evening writing and relaxing.