5 Things I Miss About Canceled Races in 2020

How many reboots is 2020 going to have? 

Good lord. I can’t get on a training roll to save my life. Tomorrow I start reboot #3 in 2020. 

Is anyone else having trouble?

I just have to turn to Stava to see my friend Mark is still biking 100 miles each weekend; and running consistently (damn, you). 

My Leadville friends are running 20 and 30 miles on the weekend. 

Anyone having problems like me? Come on. Help me out here. 

I do need races to keep me on track. I can’t train without a race in the future. I don’t like 2020 and no races. 

When I look back to one year ago – one year – I ran over 2,000 miles at this point in the year. I raced all over the country. I did epic shit. 2019 was such a great training and racing year – I want it back. I just want races back.

5 Things I Miss About 2019 and Racing

1 – I miss racing the races I was prepared for and finishing strong.

2 – I miss racing the races I was not prepared for and dying at the end. 

3- I miss traveling to races and Starbucks at the airport and running through airports for connections and exploring new race towns I’ve never been to.

4 – I miss that pit in my stomach that I have at the start of every race, and not knowing what is going to happen out there. 

5 – I miss being super fit – I miss this most of all. 

Okay pity party over.

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