Week 4 Leadville Training Update

I’m currently in Week 4 of Leadville 100 training. I’m going for 75 miles this week

Last week, Week 5, was another week that wasn’t; I didn’t hit my miles and DNS for the Whiteface Sky Race.  [sad face]

I’ve been training for eight months and have learned that some weeks just aren’t great training weeks and you have to take some fun times with your friends instead of running 50 miles in a weekend. I’ve always said I’ll always choose adventure, but I’m a wee bit bummed about last weekend; but not really, okay a little. Grrr.. 

I had fun driving to New York and swimming in Vermont rivers and Lake Champlain with Kyle, Pants-dog and Winnie-dog. It was fun to have dinner on the patio in downtown Plattsburgh. After dinner I knew I wasn’t going to race the next day; I was exhausted. So I slept in and didn’t go to the race.

River dogs

The drive home included a ferry trip to Burlington, lunch on the deck with live music and more playing in the White River in Bethel, Vermont. Later, after getting home I paddle boarded for the first time on the Merrimack. Balance training for ultra running has proved useful in paddle boarding 

Heading to the river to paddle board

Today, Friday, I’m heading into the week on pace to hit 75. 

Saturday I’m run/hiking the Pemi Loop with Bob and Mark

The total mileage will be 31.5 with 10,000 feet of elevation change. We are running clockwise and plan to bag the following 4,000-foot peaks: Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette, Garfield, South Twin, Bond and Bondcliff. 

Sunday is a 20 mile run around Concord. 

It is three and a half weeks until race day. 22 days. The last few weeks haven’t really gone as I planned after climbing Pikes Peak but I’m healthy and not injured – so I have that going for me. I haven’t lost as much weight as I would’ve liked – so that sucks. 

But I’m going into the next three weeks knowing I will: 1)  do all the mileage 2) walk/run at night 3) continue accumulating time on my feet 4) stay happy and focused.

Now I really have 8 4,000 footers, mis-count

Today I hiked to South Hancock and checked off number 40 of the 48 4,000 footers in NH. I thought it was 41 but I miscounted the number of peaks left. I didn’t hike the loop trail that would have given me 40 and 41 because the last half mile to the peak did me in. It was so steep and it was so humid and I was short on time.

I’m glad we turned around yesterday on the trail because the loop trail close to the summit is no place for a dog. Maybe after more practice. The Hancock Loop trail is spectacular and as I’m building up my hiking legs I’m hoping to finish the remaining peaks this year.

I met an interesting woman on the trail today, Jill. She is what is called a Grid hiker, someone who climbs every 4,000 footer in each month of the year. She is 58 years old and hikes primarily by herself although she does have two male friends also Grid hikers who sometime join her when they need to check one off. One of her friends hiked Waumbek today and she didn’t need it for September so she did North and South Hancock. She said she tries to find different trails to each peak. I thought it would be interesting to really get to know one trail, hiking it 12 times, but she liked the variety of different trails.

Here are the photos from the trip, in order:

First trail junction. 1.6 miles to the top.


.5 HARD miles to the top.

The Top of South Hancock. Wooded Summit

Trail marker on the top of South Hancock