Ironman rescheduled, Presidential Traverse and more

It’s been an adventure-filled week of mountain biking, running in the humidity, swimming in lakes and rivers, and dogs wrecking my stuff. News about Ironman Mont Tremblant came this week. They offered some options about transfering to a 2020 race or postponing until next year. I have until June 29 to make a decision. Options include Lake Placid, Wisconsin, Chattanooga and Texas. All really great options that would get me training hard. I told Mark I’m going to concentrate on running this year and just postpone until next year. However, stranger things have happened since I may be up for more adventure and craziness.

Mont Tremblant options……

Mountain Biking
I bought a season pass for Bear Brook. It was time. I love this place. And since I never take pictures while biking all I have is a screenshot from Strava of a fun adventure on Sunday.

Running has been difficult with a sore back (thanks dogs) and the heat. I had dog training on Saturday mornings for the last 6 weeks so runs sometimes were cut short. I didn’t have that excuse this past Saturday. Long runs are my nemesis and this needs to change pronto. 

Gunstock 50 miles is coming up in September.

My mid-week runs have been decent and certain hills I’ve been getting stronger. This coming Saturday I’m running/hiking with my Leadville friends so I know I’ll get in 22 miles. 

They promise water at Lake of the Clouds.

Presidential Traverse
I’m so excited for Saturday and running/hiking the traverse with the same people I ran/hiked the Pemi Loop with last year. I’ve been wanting to do the traverse for so long and now I get to. I even had an opportunity to hike it mid-week with another group this week but I couldn’t make dog kenneling and logistics work, but that would’ve been epic and helped training for Ragged Mountain.  

The YMCA is opening more options this week and I will start weight training this morning. I don’t want to overdo it before the Presidential Traverse on Saturday but I’m excited to get back to getting stronger. 

Having a beer with my dad at the Atlantic Grill on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day.

The week wouldn’t have been completed with some sort of destruction of property. I wanted to give Goldie another chance at free reign of the house while I biked and came home to this:

Goldie’s destruction of property. She is lucky she is so darn cute.

This week is the last full week in June and then it’s on to July.

Make this week a good one!

Ironman Races Ranked

I have been training for the Ironman distance since 2008. I lived in Colorado while training for my first two Ironman races. Living at 8,000 feet while training really helped my race day at lower elevations. In 2016 I finished two Ironman races in a year: Arizona and Lake Placid; my last finish to date. I DNF’d my last two Ironman races in Florida and Mont Tremblant, coincidently while living back in New Hampshire. 

I’m currently training for Mont Tremblant despite it being rescheduled to 2021. 

Below is my ranking of my favorite Ironman races based on finishing time, fun with friends on race weekend and all around venue enjoyment. 

#1 Lake Placid, New York, July 2016, age 45
Swim: 1:32, Bike 7:08, Run 5:30. Total: 14:24
Division Rank: 53

Post Race with Mark, Ironman Lake Placid

My all time favorite race day. My family and Mark’s family came to support us racing. It was hot and humid. It was my worst race time-wise despite coming from elevation in Colorado. Ironman Lake Placid was a tough day but a great race experience. I loved the town of Lake Placid and driving to the top of Whiteface the day before the race. Swimming in the lake was refreshing,  I actually biked a little bit with Mark on the bike course but then never saw him again and the run was pure hell in the humidity. Ironman Lake Placid is a race weekend I will never forget. Best Support Team Ever.

#2 Ironman Arizona, Tempe, November 2010, age 39
Swim: 1:24, Bike 6:18, Run 4:46 Total: 12:42 – PR
Division Rank 33

My best race ever. My PR. I was lean and ready to race. Coming from elevation, I could breath in Tempe and felt like a million bucks. Race day brought favorable conditions all day long. The swim was a mass start treading water in Tempe Town Lake. The bike was pretty flat with a few long hills and a bit of wind but not bad. The run was loops and loops and finishing in the dark. It was a good race day. 

#3 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 2009, age 38
Swim: 1:29, Bike 6:50, Run 5:00. Total: 13:34
Division Rank 58

My first Ironman. My parents flew out to Idaho to cheer me on. Perfect conditions and a great race day that I will always remember. It’s one of those races that you sign up for when you live in Colorado so you can drive to it; so many friends in Colorado do this race. It was a gorgeous drive through Wyoming and Montana; and a great place to race. I met my BFF Mark Nash on race morning and we’ve been racing together ever since. 

#4 The Woodlands, Texas, May 2015, age 44
Swim: 1:40, Bike 6:42, Run 4:59. Total: 13:37
Division Rank: 31

Ironman Texas Finish Line

Training for Ironman Texas was the best training to date. I lived in Tucson and I put in the training time. I finished well despite the heat and humidity. Placing 31st in my division group was my best placement to date. Looking back I see the progress that is possible when you put in the time and train well without distractions.

#5 Ironman Arizona, Tempe, November 2016, age 45
Swim: 1:37, Bike 6:50, Run 4:58. Total: 13:41
Division Rank: 56

Mary and Kathy at the Finish

I was hoping for a PR but it was not to be had. I was living in Colorado, hoping the elevation training would help. This was a tougher race than I remembered. The wind on the bike was leg-deadening, and running in the dark was sucky. But I had great support from friends and that made it memorable. I raced with Mark who did much better than I did, as always. Thank you to the support team: Than, Kathy, Mary, Scott, Kassandra.

#6 Ironman Wisconsin, Madison, September 2013 age 42
Swim: 1:33, Bike 6:48, Run 5:128. Total: 13:50
Rank 63

Ironman Wisconsin Finish Line

The months leading up to Ironman Wisconsin turned out to be the worst training blocks ever. I lived in Tucson and didn’t have altitude training to help me on race day. Injuries and adopting Winnie three months before the race were contributing factors to a less than stellar performance. But I LOVED Madison; a great place to visit and a great race venue. Swimming in the Lake Monona was a treat. Mark and I were interviewed by a local news crew while we practice swam. I had a great time racing with Mark and trying to find him on the course (I never did). Another great support team: Than and Pat. 

Florida and Mont Tremblant – I will finish your race before I die. Note: both were awesome vacation races despite the DNF. Florida especially was so fun swimming in the ocean and eating seafood everyday. Of course, both with Mark.

Training & Racing Update – Week 3

I’m still recovering from the sprained ankle but I’m excited about my run/bike streak. While it’s really a walk/bike streak right now. As soon as I can run, which I am hoping in a week, it will be a rightful run/bike streak.

My walks are typically around Concord, trying to walk a different street each day. The cover image above is Merrimack Street. I love the big houses and front lawns on this street.

Here was a sign near the high school that made me smile. I really like the plants in the logs.

The weather is finally getting a bit warmer and that is good. I hope to ride the tri bike this afternoon.

The bad news: Rock Hopper Chocorua Race, IM Mont Tremblant, – canceled. And I learned today that Mark’s Ironman Santa Rosa was canceled, too. Bummer.

Good News: White Mountain TriRagged Mountain Stage Race,  Gunstock Trailfest – still on as of today. So we just go about our days and make the best of the situation. We get up, we work hard, we get outside and love the one were with.

Trying all things

I love this quote from Charlotte Bronte. I had this quote on my refrigerator in almost all the houses I’ve lived in the last ten years. It reminds me that I need to keep trying, keep searching to find the best people, the best places, and to not give up or settle for second best in anything I do.

Last year was good but this year it going to be epic. 100 miles. 3-Day Stage Race. Ironman. 4,000 Footers.

Final 2020 Race Plan

I made the plunge – in 2020 I’m an ultra runner and triathlete. I never would’ve guessed that I’d go back to triathlon, but I do love the bike. I do love swimming and being in water. I guess I like to run (LOL), but mainly on trail, maybe.

Well, I guess I love it all. I love the planning, the training and execution.

Cheers to 2020 and mixing it up.