Kona, Ironman World Championships

I arrived at the Kona airport greeted by Mark who will be racing on Saturday. He is ready. Note my beautiful lei.

It was a long day flying to Kona from Boston but so worth it. The island was beautiful and we began the island tour and getting to know the bike course. But first, downtown Kona.

Every chance I could I wanted to swim in the ocean. The water was warm !
Lava Fields Forever. So many lava fields.

After touring the island and driving out to the bike turnaround, it was race day. Mark bought the support team fancy hats and Hawaiian shirts so he could easily spot us on the course. We definitely stood out and we look damn good!

The team was captured in an Instagram story by Triathlon Magazine.

Than figured out a way to hire a driver to take us to the bike turnaround point. We waited for him and when he turned to use the aid station, we ran over to him. Our driver took this picture.

Bike turnaround on Race Day!

Mark finished and had a great race; it was a tough course with so much wind on the bike. But he did it! What an experience; what a day! So inspired by all the fast finishers.