2019 Year In Review

Inspired by Rob Azevedo’s article in Sunday’s Concord Monitor, where he reflected on his 2019 calendar/planner and important (and not so important) items recorded in it, I wanted to write about my 2019. I wanted to remember important events by month. 

I’m in a bit of a funk the last few days, which is typical for me this time of year. Even after registering for all my 2020 events, buying a new tri bike and finally getting back to a solid training plan after being injured, I’m in a funk. 

I’m hopeful that by the end of writing this post about 2019, which was a pretty awesome year for me personally and professionally, that I will turn this funk around and be joyful like I am about 90 percent of the time. Here it goes. 


I got into the freaking Leadville 100 race via the lottery so winter training kicked in. I ran outside in all kinds of weather and conditions: snow, sleet and freezing rain. I completed my first Winter Warrior where I ran or walked five miles, outside every day in January. 


Training, Training and more Training. In the cold. 


Some injuries while my training miles increase.

Finished the TARC 50K in Massachusetts so I’m officially an ultra runner again. 


I ran the mountainous, Peak Bloodroot Ultra, a 30 miler in Vermont and finished as second female. I made a new friend who is also running Leadville. At the end of the month I finished my first ever 50 miler at Pineland.  Wow – May was pretty freaking awesome!


I traveled to Maryland to support Mark at Ironman 70.3 Eagleman. I am not inspired to triathlon but was inspired by the athletes.  I also traveled to Colorado to run the Leadville Marathon. I learned so much about running at altitude and what not to eat the night before a race. You’d think it was my first marathon, it wasn’t, but I didn’t eat an ideal dinner the night before and paid for it on the trail. 

Lesson Learned in 2019 #1: as an athlete you are always learning. 


Hiked Mount Washington for the first time in 20 years. I was in great shape and it was pretty easy. Spent a weekend in Colorado and ran/hiked Pikes Peak. It was a great training day. I also finished my first (because it certainly won’t be my last) Pemi Loop in the White Mountains. 


Owl's Head Summit
Owl’s Head Summit

First off road triathlon in a very long time, Top of the Notch Tri. I will do that again. Finished my 4,000 footers in New Hampshire by hiking to Owl’s Head. Although in hindsight doing this 17 mile long hike the week before Leadville may not have been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Leadville 100 – My A Race – My Big Goal – a big DNF. But it truly was a grand adventure and changed me in so many ways. It reminded me that I’m not going to accomplish everything despite having success in races 1, 2, 3 and 4 leading up to race 5. It put my ego in check and made me rethink how I approached every detail of my training. I know everything I did wrong and I’m ready to not make the same mistakes. While I’m not trying for Leadville 100 in 2020, I will finish a 100 mile race. 

Lesson Learned in 2019 #2: When you don’t do the training plan four weeks leading up to the race, you will fail. 


Hawaii Ironman World Championship with Mark and his Crew. I watched the best athletes in the world compete on the Big Island. While there, I didn’t have any desire to race Kona. I was inspired by the pros and age groupers, but didn’t think – Man, I’d love to train and qualify for Kona. Although as I write this, and being signed up for IM Mont Tremblant in 2020, maybe I feel that desire a little bit today.  Kassandra visited and we ran the half marathon in Norwich, Vermont. I’m so glad she came to visit. 

November and December
I hiked in the mountains a lot with Winnie-dog. I’m much more comfortable hiking in snow and winter conditions now. I love being on the trails in the White Mountain and hiking at 4,000 feet, especially in the winter. I have the confidence to go above treeline and on New Years Day am planning a hike to at least one Presidential Peak. 

My 2019 Dream Year was pretty good. My goals were to race TARC 50K, Blood Root 30M, Pineland 50M, Leadville Marathon and Leadville 100. 4 out 5 is pretty darn good!

I wanted to run/hike 2,000 miles and actually completed 2192 miles in 2019.

It was a very good year. And when I actually take the time to reflect and write about it I am so happy, so blessed and so grateful. Despite injuries, heartbreak and DNFs, 2019 was about 90 percent perfect.

My one goal for 2020 – finish a 100 mile running race.

What Winter Warrior is teaching me

On this day of finding out if I get in to Leadville Run 100 I will write about what I’ve learned from Winter Warrior:

  • Get up early and wear a headlamp to get my miles in
  • If I need to do some in the morning and some in the evening that’s okay, just get all the miles in.

The rules state that I must run or walk OUTSIDE every day in the month of January.

I track my mileage everyday using the STRAVA app on my phone or download Suunto data.

I’m going for Gold:

Bronze = run/walk 1 mile each day
Silver = run/walk 3 miles each day
Gold = run/walk 5 miles each day

All for a Winter Warrior Hat

This is the prize for running/walking/hiking 5 miles everyday in January.

I also got Jeff to sign up and we are a team. Jeff has walked at least one mile every day despite getting a cold on Day 3.

Our team effort looks like this as of today. We are in 76th place.

This is where I am as of this morning: