100 Mile Planning, Execution

This week marks 11 weeks until race day.

This week I am planning to run 65 miles. I didn’t run Tuesday and Thursday so I’m a bit behind. However, today, I will run 12. Saturday 28. Sunday 15. It’s not ideal but it’s what happened.

As the miles start to add up I know that I have to work harder on the mental aspect of training. I also know that I need to do more cross training. I know that biking helped me feel strong finishing the Leadville Marathon last year and not biking prior to the Leadville 100 was a factor in the DNF. I will not make that mistake again.

I’m adding two cycling sessions and at least one swim each week; starting next week.

Everything is falling into place for increasing training volume and being injury free. I’m spending three days a week in the weight room, doing core work, foam rolling and massage. I just need to stay consistent, do the work and recover.

Inspiration of the Day

Goal 3 2020 100 Mile

Running 100 miles strips you raw. I need to have my mind, heart and spirit right.

100 mile finishes are more about strategic training, long-term planning and desire than about genetic talent.