Week 16 Ironman Training – done

Not too bad for getting back into Ironman Training mode.

Week 15 – This Week I will be trying for 13.9 hours. I’m going to do my best to meet this goal.

I’m so excited to be training again and getting used to being tired (really tired) again. I get more done when I’m super busy.

More later this week. #ABT

Biking in New Hampshire Humidity

Wow! Humid.

I rode this morning since it was better to ride in humidity than run.

Ironman training has started and two workouts most days.

Feeling good so far. I need some major stretching and a massage needs to be scheduled.

91 Days until Ironman Florida.

Ironman Florida

I’m signed up! In my 9th year training and racing Ironman I was able to sign up for a race four months before race day. Amazing.

Back in the day, you had to sit online one year before race day and hope you got it; or volunteer the year before.

Ironman Florida was one of the races that sold out minutes before registration years ago; but I got in four months before.

As I start to plan my training this morning – Oops – I counted wrong. On Monday, it will be 13 weeks before race day. I better get training.

This is my first year training east of the Mississippi River. I’m excited to train in the big city of Concord where I can walk to the pool, run and bike out my door. I thought Tucson was a training mecca. I think I’m pretty lucky to live where I do and be able to train for #7 Ironman.

Off to run in 98% humidity. At least the sun isn’t out.