When I think of the NH Mountains

I’ve clipped articles all my adult life and the ones that have made it past the years of cleaning out and reducing my crap, are in the white binder. These articles inspired me through the low points of my life and kept me moving when I didn’t know what to do; which was a lot.

There is a frequently-read article I clipped in 2007 and placed in a sheet protector written by Drew Munro, then editor of the Sky-Hi News, a newspaper I later worked for in Grand County, Colorado. The article is titled: Distance sometimes offers a better view.

I didn’t know Drew at the time but his story touched me and I understood his feelings. I had visited the area, too as a 17-year-old traveling through the western National Parks. Now I was living in Granby, Colorado as well.

In the article he is new to the newspaper and his story starts as he is running around the Middle Park High School track at night for a cancer benefit. As he progresses around the track he sees the Rocky Mountains in the distance and thinks about a cross country trip in his youth; he is now living where he explored years ago.

He said quoting TS Eliot, “I intend to step back far enough occasionally to see [this place] or perhaps know it for the first time.”

And maybe that is what I need to do now here in New Hampshire. Step back, and get reacquainted with the White Mountains. I knew them so well over 20 years ago. I spent so much time hiking and camping and almost hiking all the 4,000 footers. I need to get north and hike those peaks that inspired me and gave me goals.

1,000 Miles in 2018

As of my 4 miles today, I have exactly 428 miles to reach 1,000 miles in 2018 with 126 days left in the year.  I just have to average 3.4 miles a day.

Feeling nostalgic, Ironman

My First Ironman Coeur d'Alen 2009

I found a link in an old email to this story about Ironman from Coeur d’Alene in 2009 and this picture of me was in one of the photo gallery . I love that I finished my first Ironman on a Trek road bike.

IM Mont Tremblant

My Bike Riding Partner

No time to post every day – I’m in Ironman Training Mode. 64 Days until Race day.

12 hour training week. I’m 6 hours in. Woot.