Athlete Mind-Set in the Office

I used the athlete mind-set a lot these last few years. “Embrace the Suck” is a phrase that got me through Ironman and bad work situations. I read this article today and it hit home.  Endurance sports training, Ironman and ultra running, taught me to deal with monotony, time management and failure in the workplace.  I like how MB writes about “perceived” failure, and that sometimes these failures are out of your control; I always forget that. Every single time I failed in a race or a job I learned something about myself and I did everything to get better.

And it’s true, every failure is a learning opportunity. I try to never make the same mistake twice. I’m always working to the next goal and past failures fade over time.

win or learn

From Muse

How can an athlete’s mind-set be useful in the office?

MB: Training teaches you lots of things, including time and stress management. It’s always hard in the moment to get past something you perceive as a failure, so I think it’s important to frame the conversation that way: failure versus “perceived” failure. Most of the time, there is some reason that things didn’t go well, and sometimes that thing was out of your control. It takes time and perspective to realize that each disappointment is a learning moment, and something that will make you stronger in the future. Viewing it as lesson instead of a failure will help keep you positive, motivated, and working hard to the next goal.

Deal of The Week: How to reach goals

Running Ironman Lake Placid

Do you make deals with yourself? I seem to do it on a daily basis. It’s how I negotiate outcomes that I might not be able to do daily.

Today’s deal is that I need to follow my 50 mile training plan from today to Sunday. Exactly. Just miles on my feet. That’s it – easy – right? Well, not exactly. This is what the training week  looks like:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Actual Miles Scheduled Miles
0 2 4 6 0 14 8 34 34

The deal of the week is that I just need to do it:  make it happen or drop out of the 50 Mile race in June.

I have a lot of experience of dropping out of races before and during. While it is difficult to do and I wrestle my brain and ego for hours and days, at the end of the the day I’m a realist. I have big dreams and big plans, and I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. However,  I’m a realist and practicalist.

So here we go….. let’s get this training done, recover, figure out the vegan recovery food and get to Wachusett Mountain trail run in June.

Running Inspiration

Cheers to Planning & Executing the next goal! #run50miles